Designer Hostel Boom?

Hub London

Hub London Covent Garden is new hotel concept by budget chain Premier Inn run by an app; from booking and checking-in to basic room controls and a local area guides

New category is emerging into the hospitality sector. The design and tech savvy hostel or a budget hotel, that is both cheap and chic. The hospitality sector has survived downturn surprisingly well. One major reason is diversification.

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Public Toilet Cafe Reuses Neglected Urban Space

Toilet CafeCreative reuse of overlooked and neglected urban environments is a growing trend in many European cities. Not everything has to be new; the custom of fixing and improving is the consequence of recession and frugal economy. The Attendant cafe in London is a great example of using an old, Victorian public toilet as a cafe. Continue reading

Indoor & Outdoor Cafe Helsinki

Cafe Birgitta

Indoor and outdoor spaces are blending interestingly together in a new cafe Birgitta at Helsinki seaside. The first thought is that it must be a pop-up restaurant for summer season only, since the location is quite exposed to open sea in front of Helsinki. So it seems impossible to have such an open structure as a permanent facility in this location.  Continue reading

Hotel Design Trends from May Design Series

May Design Series

Hosted by Guy Dittrich the panel discussion at May Design Series event elaborated some of the most important trends in hospitality business. Both big chains Hilton and IHG in addition to hospitality interior specialists gave their views about future directions in interior design for hotels. Continue reading