Hotel Interiors Experience (HIX) 2022

Hospitality Design Trends 2023+

HIX is Europe’s only Hotel Design Event focusing on Interiors Experience Design. This year’s event was busy with a full program and a positive buzz around exhibitor stands reminding the better times before pandemic.

Image: HIX Mush Room by 

The design of the mycelium bar draws inspiration from shapes and textures found in and on shells. It illustrates the infinite source of inspiration nature can be, both aesthetically and structurally. 

The hospitality sector has been struggling under enormous pressure since pandemic. Being innovative is the best approach to survive turbulent times. HIX event showed how many experience design innovations that have been talked about years have finally taken off.

Sensorial design

Hospitality sector is in a key position for providing wellness and supporting not only physical but emotional health for guests.

Scent is one of the most effective sensorial design elements, but it requires careful consideration. Scent Machines by EcoScent show more controlled direction towards designing specific scents for brands or corporations to enhance mood in their spaces.

Managing Hybrid Zones

Hospitality environments have become increasingly work oriented hybrid spaces. Managing noise levels, changing the mood from day to night and providing less hassle with technology are common challenges.

Welltek is a company that is specialised designing wellbeing for workplace. Their practical solutions like the Artome M10 is a movable laser projector, embedded sound system, and videoconferencing feature.

Face-to-face meetings are back and it was nice to find a well designed easily movable whiteboards by StudioVIX.

Digital touchpoints

Omnichannel frictionless experience has been the design goal for many years now. Digital controls of hotel room settings have come a long way.

Creston showed sleek and simple looking solutions with new digital Do Not Disturb signs, one-touch guest services requests, and even video intercom calls to the concierge – right from their room’s touch screen among many other features.

Maximalist & Sustainable Materials

To simplify two contrasting trend directions for material trends are:

  • maximalist and rich colourful, pattern intense direction
  • natural Scandi inspired calm and often sustainable direction

It remains to be seen if the directions will merge in the future.

Maximalist material collection

Naturalist material collection

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