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Core skills and expertise areas

Linking design thinking and doing

WHO – I am an experienced design strategist working with leading brands and organisations to build strategy & content in design and innovation projects. My experience and human driven interdisciplinary approach comes from a broad spectrum of industries at the global markets.

Future driven Creative Leadership needs to be CROSS FUNCTIONAL. I have worked towards building a wide expertise that enables me to offer a one stop solution for strategy creation: content + visuals + project management.


WHAT – My goal is to always push thinking forward. I want to discover new ways for companies and individuals to see the future in the present.

By anticipating and understanding what comes next and why I support leading brands and organisations to take action early to build a desired future. Together, we apply creative, explorative, and people driven techniques to prepare for challenges of many alternative futures. We use imagination and a flexible mindset to find growth drivers and capture innovation ideas.

Market and user research, focus groups and big data concentrate on current problems. Since the future has no data, I use combination of explorative techniques. I build Creative Insights using scanning, mapping, observation, mash-ups, visual curating and scenarios. This strategic and future driven context enables relevant and meaningful design, brand and content creation.


The creative process moves from generic investigation to specific ideation to universal, relatable and humanised co-created outcome. It uses both imagination and intelligence skills.

Minna Takala process 2017

Process – converting Design thinking to Design doing


WHY – I have created techniques and tools to support Creative Leadership. The common thread is to use a cross-functional approach to see a bigger picture and to form a vision of desired future. Creative Insights guide long-term strategy building and innovation processes.

Minna Takala expertise

PEOPLE & Lifestyles

How people and behaviour is changing? Combined knowledge from both user research together with trends and early adopter behaviour gives a richer view on how people want to live in the near future. This understanding builds a strong company culture for Customer Centricity.

Creative tools
Data has no context. It doesn’t explain why things happen.  So, we use phenomenal observations – how people experience the world. We collect evidence, linguistics, photos, observations and field notes to create personas to bring future consumers to life.

TRENDS & Culture

Trends will point out future directions. But applying trends superficially is not enough instead the process should include the ‘Cultural Translation’ to the brand at specific markets. In order to do that it is a great advantage to explore these markets conducting primary research.

Creative tools
The aim of mapping technique is to link relevant trends, social & cultural influences together to provide a broader view and demonstrates the basis behind different design approaches. It opens the trend landscape; mapping out the future and uncovering alternative paths. The format is easy to understand for audiences, who don’t necessarily have creative background.

EXPERIENCE & Touchpoints

How retail and work environments can become ‘destinations’? These 3rd spaces cater for variety of needs in hybrid destinations. Each zone is designed based on behaviours and needs depending on the specific user situations. Key focus is human driven experience optimisation.

Creative tools
In co-creation workshops future customer journeys and user situations can be designed based on different feelings, experiences and situational needs. Certain experiences are more individual, some are more social & communal, and sometimes the emphasis is on the brand.


BRAND & Storytelling

How to create conversation and become the story? How relevant, humane and alive is your brand?

Creative tools
It is crucial to identify biggest influencers who lead the way in brand communities to anticipate future directions of conversations. Today the brand is what the customers are telling each other it is.


HOW – How to create value for people in the future with relevant products and services?

The answer is to go beyond product or service – focusing on people & behaviour. We use imagination and expand our minds to see what does not exist yet. Instead of one vision, companies (and individuals) must prepare for many different possible futures.

Scenarios make future feel closer and more tangible. They can be used for both organisations and individuals to plan and build a positive, desired future.

Creative tools
Scenarios can pinpoint and clarify future visions. They can be used as an integral part of concepting and product development processes. Each scenario is based on different conditions. They can be created by linking specific lifestyles to environments, products and services. Furthermore, scenarios can frame the concept based on what will happen in the future. They tell a background story behind new concepts.

Example Scenario Map – City as a Commons, City of Helsinki

Minna Takala_Scenario Map City of Helsinki 2017

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