Minna Takala expertise 2020

Linking Design Thinking & Doing

I am a creative strategist working with leading brands in design & innovation projects. My experience comes from accross broad spectrum of industries at the global markets. I use interdisciplinary approach. Working with client teams we design human & future-led strategies that guide innovation.


My goal is to spark innovation and inspire people to use creativity to find future possibilities in the present and take early action towards a desired future.

I construct Creative Insights using qualitative methods of scanning, mapping, observation, sensing, storytelling and scenarios. This strategic and future driven context enables relevant and meaningful design, brand and content creation.


The aim is to learn together and create positive impact for all using Design Thinking & Doing. The creative process moves from investigation to ideation towards universal, relatable and humanised co-created outcome. It uses both imagination & intelligence skills.

Minna Takala process 2017
Process – converting Design thinking to Design doing


My goal is to drive change using Design Thinking & Doing. I look for patterns behind cross-functional CONNECTEDNESS. It’s about designing for impact; beyond products & services.

I have created tools & techniques that clarify complexity and support Creative Leadership. The cross-functional approach shapes human driven strategy for desired futures.

Minna Takala expertise 2020

PEOPLE & Community

OBJECTIVE: Understand human behaviour beyond demographics and stereotypes. Anticipate future needs and motivations.

OUTCOME examples
User profiles
Future Personas
Behavioural insights
Lived experiences
Stories & quotes
Videos & visual notes

TRENDS & Culture

OBJECTIVE: Understand the wider societal & cultural context and direction of change. How is new meaning repserented in design, language, experience & behaviour.

OUTCOME examples
Themes, hot topics
Opportunity maps
Cultural analysis
Local heritage
Emerging design, CMF
Trend safaris


OBJECTIVE: Explore and build new experiences. Expand products and services to new areas.

OUTCOME examples
Future customer journeys
Touchpoint design, storyboarding
Sensorial & mood design
Creative frameworks
Concepts co-creation

BRAND & Storytelling

OBJECTIVE: Applying insights into brand strategy. Creating new content across channels.

OUTCOME examples
Brand content & strategy
Brand DNA, archetypes
Visual guidelines, semiotics
Community & Comms analysis
Category references


How to create value and create innovative products & services for diverse users? In uncertainty companies (and individuals) must prepare for several possible futures.

Scenarios make future feel closer and more tangible. They can be used for both organisations and individuals to plan and build a positive, desired future.

Example Scenario Map – City as a Commons, City of Helsinki

Minna Takala_Scenario Map City of Helsinki 2017
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