• Customised  Global Trends frameworks to guide Design development and Concept creation
  • Creative Intelligence tools for Design Strategy and Innovation
  • Curated Trend Trips to explore local markets in order to understand both Tradition & Trends. Specialised in emerging markets
  • ‘Cultural Translation’ – country specific Materials, Prints & Colours
  • Seasonal Key Moods and Colours for interiors, Prints and Graphics directions
  • Brand DNA & Heritage evolvement and refreshment
  • Visual storytelling, styling and directional photographyDesign week London

Grow ideas

Talks & Workshops

Presentations about Design Trends & Cultural Context for specific industries, markets and target audiences (e.g. Hospitality, Retail, Fashion, Product design, Branding).

Hands-on workshops exploring trends and completing collective creative challenges. Concept creation by challenging thinking and making new connections. Mapping out threads from different fields and integrating them into new wholes.

Creative Collaboration

Believing in creative exchange of ideas and perspectives. Working methods are suited for encouraging collaboration allowing contribution and creation of a strong sense of shared authorship.

Combining a core team with local expert of trusted partners can be arranged for global projects.

Wellcome Trust


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