What we do and how we do it?

GROW Business

CREATIVE INSIGHTS to uncover innovation potential

STRATEGY ANALYSIS to strengthen decision making

FUTURE SENSING SCENARIOS to make future feel closer

GROW Design

TRENDS & INFLUENCE to stay relevant

BRAND CONTENT & STORYTELLING to fuel conversation

PEOPLE & BEHAVIOUR to create experiences



CO-CREATION & PLAY to apply empathy

CULTURAL CONTEXT to understand locality

Design week London

I keep on making what I can’t do yet in order to learn to be able to do it.

Vincent van Gogh 1885

Talks & Workshops

Learn through conversations. Presentations about Future Thinking, Design Trends & Cultural Context for specific industries, markets and target audiences (e.g. Hospitality, Retail, Services, Product design, Branding).

Hands-on explorative workshops completing collective creative challenges. Concept creation by challenging thinking and making new connections. Conducting ideation using creative problem solving. Future sensing and making.

Creative Collaboration

Believing in creative exchange of ideas and perspectives – learning together.

Working methods are suited for encouraging collaboration allowing contribution and creation of a strong sense of shared authorship.

Seeing is believing. We give tools to empower people to see the future by visualising and voicing their goals.

Combining a core team with local expert of trusted partners can be arranged for global projects.


Contact to hear how we can work together!

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