Images and Digital Culture Talk

Tate Modern talks

A panel discussion was held last night at the Tate Modern about Capture and consumption: images and digital culture. It raised questions about artists use of social media platforms like Instagram and their role. In general, how we consume images and how they circulate. The discussion involved new forms of curation and questions around ownership and censorship.  Continue reading

The Future of Retail is Techy

Retail Design ExpoLast week was busy for the retail design sector in London. Retail Design Expo was a new event as a part of the bigger Retail Business Technology Expo. It was clear to see how much business opportunities there are in the technical side of the retail design. Continue reading

Actors & Spies Talk at V&A

V&A museum LondonOne of the most intriguing talk I have attended this year was called The Art of Deception at V&A museum, London. It was an interview by director Giles Ramsay with the award-winning actor Sam West and the spy writer Nigel West. The discussion was about the similarities and differences between acting and spying – the mutual arts of deception. Continue reading