Discovering Pangaean Art

Saatchi Gallery Pangea

Giant ants by Colombian artist Rafael Gómezbarros

Where is Pangaea? Actually it covers the combined area of South America and Africa during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming approximately 300 million years ago. The new exhibition showing contemporary art from South America and Africa at the Saatchi gallery is named after it. Continue reading

Art Fairs Getting Busy

London Art Fair 2014

Andrew Salgado’s work stood out. He is being listed by Saatchi as “one of 12 to invest in today”.

Recent London Art Fair is a good example of art fairs getting more and more busy. Popularity of art is always a good indicator of how the economy is doing. UK’s economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe at the moment, so it is not a surprise that London Art Fair just broke an all time record with 30,694 visitors. Continue reading