Urban Farming Growing Trend

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

According to a recent study by EU rooftop gardens could grow three quarters of city’s vegetables. In recent years urban gardening, agriculture and farming have been growing globally. The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is a good example of community garden program that has turned into a vibrant resource for the local community. Continue reading

Images and Digital Culture Talk

Tate Modern talks

A panel discussion was held last night at the Tate Modern about Capture and consumption: images and digital culture. It raised questions about artists use of social media platforms like Instagram and their role. In general, how we consume images and how they circulate. The discussion involved new forms of curation and questions around ownership and censorship.  Continue reading

London Ace Hotel Opens

London Ace Hotel

The lobby at the Ace Hotel is designed for communal use for the creatives working in the area, not just for the guests

Ace Hotel Shoreditch is the first Ace Hotel in Europe, outside America. It has a very specific customer profile and philosophy for using local designers to create an authentic environment rooted into the area.  Continue reading

Community Gardening

Gibbon's Rent Community Garden

Gibbon’s Rent Community Garden

The project aims to raise awareness of this forgotten piece of Southwark and to contribute to the longer-term social and economic improvement of the area. It looks to actively encourage community participation asking local businesses and residents to contribute potted plants to the garden allowing it to grow and evolve, taking on a life of its own past its official launch this summer. Continue reading