Forensic Architecture

What is Forensic Architecture – Exhibition

Forensic Architecture is an independent research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London.  It was recently nominated for the short list to win the most prestigious Turner art prize in UK. There work involves investigating human rights violations using architectural, journalistic, legal and political fields.   Continue reading

Forming Identity by Grayson Perry

Greyson Perry 2014

New work from the critically acclaimed British artist Grayson Perry is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  The title of this portrait exhibition is “Who are you?” It is an investigation into modern identity and lifestyles. Continue reading

Disobedient Objects of Movements

Disobedient Objects Movements are the sign of the times at the moment. Why are they so timely? Popularity of movements originates from growing influence of bottom-up approach in organisations and ‘power to people’ attitude in society. But movements have long history, and there is an exhibition at the V&A called Disobedient Objects that examines the role of objects in movements for social change.
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