Community Architecture at Riba 2019

New Community Architecture Exhibition

In big cities there is a trend towards decreasing public buildings and space in the expense of privatisation. That has driven local communities to keep buildings and space open for everyone.

Make It Happen exhibition at RIBA gallery London presents four cases how architects have responded the challenge by design, re-design and re-use of public buildings. Their role has extended to activists and educators supporting local communities.

Community Architecture at Riba 2019

Learning by Doing is a lookout at Scottish Scenic route to promote remote regions and stimulate local economy.

Government initiative pilot (5000£) was granted to two young architect students who built the lookout by hand.
Community Architecture at Riba 2019Everyone can Make is a collaborative project for Coniston Institute by Grizedale Arts + Hayatsu Architects together with students from Central St Martin’s college.

It brings a contemporary version of John Ruskin’s road to Ruskin museum area.

Students created brick patterns, built stamping tools and wooden press boxes using both handmade and digital cutting techniques.

Community Architecture at Riba 2019

Community Architecture at Riba 2019A New Use of Old is a transformation of Old Manor Park library to public art space by Apparata emerging architecture and research studio.

After transformation of space it is now home of affordable artists studios and housing community.

Community Architecture at Riba 2019A Town United is an effort by local community to re-build Hastings Pier.

Original pier was destroyed by fire, but the new plan by dRMM has already won Stirling Prize from RIBA.

Series of workshops and forums were held to ask the people how the new pier could best serve their needs and aspirations.

According to RIBA in the past five years 340 public libraries, 50 regional museums and 200 playground facilities have closed. At the same time number of architects working in the field has fallen dramatically from 49% to only 0.7 and in London 0.2% of architects working in the public sector.

The exhibition aims to change architects’ attitudes towards designing more for public good.


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