Immersive Dystopian Multimedia Experience by Richard Mosse

Richard Mosse 2017Richard Mosse is most well known for his award winning photographs from Congo using infrared film. For his new work Mosse has used a thermal camera, which is produced in the EU by a multi-national weapons company, can detect body heat from a distance of 30.3 km, day or night. The work presents a portrait of migrants. Continue reading

Designer Hostel Boom?

Hub London

Hub London Covent Garden is new hotel concept by budget chain Premier Inn run by an app; from booking and checking-in to basic room controls and a local area guides

New category is emerging into the hospitality sector. The design and tech savvy hostel or a budget hotel, that is both cheap and chic. The hospitality sector has survived downturn surprisingly well. One major reason is diversification.

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Karim Rashid talk

Karim Rashid LondonThe colourful design guru Karim Rashid gave his first ever talk in London to discuss his design philosophy. Rashid started by saying democratic design is very important to him. In his opinion design is also a social and political act. It is about creating better experiences for more people – progress. He also said design is about shaping. Being present in a moment, the social behaviour should be the criteria to shape the future. When designing is based on visual imagery only, and not the experience, it is subdued. Continue reading