Soho Home Studio, London

Emerging Hybrid Retail

After spending so much time online since the pandemic, people are seeking more experiential & creative IRL (in real life) experiences in retail environments. As a consequence, retailers are transforming stores towards more hybrid spaces by blurring the boundaries between hospitality, entertainment and retail.

Image: Soho.Home.Studio store, London

Soho Home is a modern interiors brand range created to mirror the look and feel of Soho Houses members’ clubs around the world. Soho.Home.Studio is a store for their interiors collection and Member Market featuring pop-ups from collaborators. It is a spacious and casually comfortable place that first appears to be just a cafe. But a closer look reveals that it is a furniture and interiors store and, actually all furniture and home accessories on display are on sale.

Escapist Experience

People want to escape from the day-to-day when they take an effort to go shopping. They expect to see something special. One way to achieve that is using storytelling products on displays. Editing and curating the collection and concentrating to fewer but more interesting brands and products is the key. So, stores are embracing rising stars and supporting new independent players, who have stories to tell.

Subscription & Membership selling

Soho Home Studio, LondonSoho Home is introducing an interesting Member Market that offers an annual £60 membership that includes e.g. 15% off every purchase plus free delivery.

Those, who already are members of Soho House club receive the same benefits automatically.

This is an interesting effort to make traditionally very exclusive members club to be more open to non members and grow the market.

Hybrid model

Organising and designing the retail space using cross-categories, zones and action points is driven by user needs and motivations. This approach creates more intelligent and inviting environments. For example creating instore areas for different shoppers types & lifestyles (sporty, trendy, sustainable) or situational needs (inspirational, play, rest). The hybrid model is also aiming to combine digital and physical design to achieve both convenience and inspiration.

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