Furniture Trends from Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Flexible, colourful and cosy workspace was one of the key themes at this year’s Clerkenwell Design week. Many designs looks like they are meant for a relatively short ‘pitstop use’ with little emphasis on the ergonomics and more on lounging and relaxing than serious work. In this year’s show the exhibitions were more spread around the area than before, concentrating on furniture and less on traditional craft.  Continue reading

Online Furniture Store ‘Hem’ Goes Popup

Hem popup

Hem is an online furniture store, that originally started as a Scandinavian design brand, but has expanded so much that it identifies with more broadly just European design. The design team has now 16 nationalities, however the style of the furniture is still very typical Scandi design. Continue reading

American Furniture Retail to London

West ElmWest Elm is an American furniture retail chain, which just opened their first store in central London. They are large and mainstream, but also on-trend and affordable chain. The store is strategically situated in a key location, where the main furniture stores are in London. This heats up the competition with local chains Heal’s and Habitat. It is the best scenario from consumer’s point of view. Continue reading