Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Queen of Retro Print

One of the most recognisable retro print designs come from Irish designer Orla Kiely. Textile Design Museum in London has a solo exhibition of her work in fashion and everyday product design covering last twenty years.

Orla Kiely is not just a fashion designer. The exhibition reveals the scope of different products and brand collaborations she has covered during her career. They demonstrate her remarkable ability of paying attention to details and being successful to define the right scale for prints to fit the products perfectly.

Orla Kiely What’s best about the retro clothes is that they never date. Looking Kiely’s collections over the years it’s impossible to say, when they were made. They all fit perfectly to her distinctive style. If it’s not broken, you don’t need to fix it. Her clothes and bags have stayed very similar in terms of style and colours over the years, but there is always demand for retro look.

Orla Kiely

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