Social Commentary Art by Greyson Perry

Greyson Perry 2017 Serpentine

A solo exhibition by British artist Greyson Perry has opened in Serpentine Gallery, London. It’s called The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! Perry is best known for his social commentary and award winning ceramic work, but this exhibitions covers art using variety of materials: wood, stone, cast iron, bronze, printmaking and tapestry.

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Forming Identity by Grayson Perry

Greyson Perry 2014

New work from the critically acclaimed British artist Grayson Perry is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  The title of this portrait exhibition is “Who are you?” It is an investigation into modern identity and lifestyles. Continue reading

Interior Textile Trends ss13

Chelsea Harbour Design CentreThe Design Week  trend board at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. Textured rich and heavy fabrics with a lot of detailing or bold prints are dominating the show rooms with a few exceptions of more minimalistic styles. Colourful metallics or chunky woven fabrics are adding warmth and character to interiors. Prints get inspiration from folk and tribal sources. Continue reading