Mary Katrantzou Interview

mary katrantzou at Apple storeThe queen of print design Mary Katrantzou was interviewed by Kinvara Balfour at a special event in the Apple store at Regents street. Mary gave a passionate talk about her journey from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful London fashion designers of recent years. 

At the moment her company is at the stage where she is getting more and more international customers. According to Katrantzou it has been eye opening to travel globally to get a better understanding of her customers in building the brand DNA. She has shops at the moment in 47 countries and 260 stores. At the moment one of new development areas is developing of textiles e.g. her own brocades.

Mary is one of the designers who have been very involved with the social media. She has great follower numbers at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The advantage from designer’s point of you is the level of control that the social media tools give. By curating the messages, the designer is communicating directly to consumers who she is.

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