Unconventional Serpentine Pavilion 2014

Serpentine Pavilion 2014

This year’s Serpentine Pavilion in London Hyde Park has been praised by the critics for being original and  ambition architectural structure. What makes it also unique is that it is designed by new talent rather than a very established name like in many previous year’s pavilions.  Chilean architect Smiljan Radić is unknown for general public.  Continue reading

Slow-Life Russian Cafe

Ziferblat cafe

Ziferblat Russian cafe. The entrance is not obvious, you need to buzz to get in and go to upstairs like going into an apartment. Feeling like entering a home; instantly intimate.

Ziferblat is a completely new Russian cafe concept, where you pay only by time used in a cafe. The rate is 3p a minute. The idea is to give people as much time they want to hang in a cafe without feeling a pressure to leave. Seems it is an instant hit in London. Continue reading