Hackney Wick 2017

Open Studios at Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick in East London is one the world’s most concentrated creative communities.  Last weekend was the 9th year of Hackney WickED, DIY open studios. 

Hackney Wick is home to one of the largest artistic communities in London. The area is going through gentrification destroying a way of life for many independent artists, people running small businesses, galleries, and studios. Loosing the area will be catastrophic, since so many artists here couldn’t survive in London otherwise. Many have existed in these studios for over a decade.

Open studios give a rare opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes during the creative process. Each warehouse and each studio space is unique decorated reflecting the artist’s individuality.

The area is a real gem and worth a visit before it is gone. London mayor Sadiq Khan evaded a direct question about it’s future last month when talking about his vision for the future of London. (Even though his aim is to support creative industries).

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