Hostem residence

Luxury Craft Interiors of Hostem’s Curated Guesthouse

Hostem is an independent fashion and lifestyle store with a very strong and distinctive brand DNA. During London Craft week they hosted an open house in their curated guesthouse, which is a brand extension of a private residency available for renting.

What makes the townhouse to stand apart from other renovated old buildings is the presence of Wabi Sabi principles guiding the interior design. The dark, rich and nuanced colour palette is another factor that makes this place feel very unique emphasising the intimate character and atmosphere.

As the Hostem brand identity is very strong and clear, it is easy to make the connection between fashion and home decor. It is easy to imagine that this is how their customers would like to live.

Brand extensions are on the rise since the blurring boundaries of retail design. At the same time the need for independent and intimate rental home spaces that can be used for working is increasing. The success of Airbnb use for business travelling is also an influencer.

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