Extraordinary Conservation

Clothworkers' Centre

The Clothworkers’ Centre is V&A museum’s space dedicated to study and conservation of Textiles and Fashion. The V&A holds one of the most important collections of textiles and fashion in the world, ranging from archaeological textiles to contemporary haute couture. It spans a period of more than 5000 years, from Predynastic Egypt to the present day. Continue reading

In the Making

In the Making

Tennis ball off cuts

In the Making at London Design Museum is curated by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby from the critically acclaimed design studio Barber Osgerby. The exhibition is focusing on manufacturing processes revealing the ‘secret life’ of cricket bats, felt hats, shoes, boots, marbles, light bulbs, whistles, pencils, coins, horns, lenses and Olympic torches. Continue reading

Hermès Crafts at Saatchi

Hermes at Saatchi

Making the Hermes handbag at the Saatchi gallery, London

The craft making processes of the iconic luxurious Hermès products were presented to the public at a unique event in the Saatchi gallery. “Festival des Métiers unlocks the poetic and unique crafts that are the essence of the house of Hermès, as their craftspeople reveal the mastery of their métiers”. Continue reading

Wool House

Wool House1

Interior by Ashley Hicks

Wool HouseWool House is the world’s largest showcase of wool according to the Campaign for Wool. The exhibition at the Somerset house shows how the design community uses wool extensively in their work. It also included an events program, a designer in residence and seven individual rooms, from the bedroom to the study, created by high profile, leading designers, such as Kit Kemp and Donna Wilson. Continue reading