What is Abstract Drawing?

Abstract Drawing

The exhibition organised by the Drawing Room gallery, who specialise in drawing only art, concentrated in abstract forms of drawing. The works came from large number (30+) of artists including some very famous names like Anish Kapoor, Eva Hesse and Anni Albers. The exhibition was curated by artist Richard Deacon.

Abstract DrawingWhat makes the exhibition interesting is not only the unusual mark making, but the techniques and processes that many artists have invented to arrive to the end results.

For many works it looks like that the actual process of drawing is more important and interesting than the outcome.

The show presented a variety of medium from pencil and ink to more unusual methods like type writing. Also the styles varied from loose and intuitive doodling to scrutinised, meticulous preciseness.


Abstract Drawing

The exhibition gave a very rare view into a subject that is not often covered by galleries.

It highlights the increasing value of hand-made craft in increasingly digitised world.

Abstract Drawing

I was delighted to find drawings from Anni Albers, one of the most influential Bauhaus female artists and textile design pioneer.

Overall the exhibition covered in time the last 105 years.


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