Hermès Crafts at Saatchi

Hermes at Saatchi
Making the Hermes handbag at the Saatchi gallery, London

The craft making processes of the iconic luxurious Hermès products were presented to the public at a unique event in the Saatchi gallery. “Festival des Métiers unlocks the poetic and unique crafts that are the essence of the house of Hermès, as their craftspeople reveal the mastery of their métiers”.

Hermes at Saatchi1 Craft makers from different specialist areas: handbags, swatches, ceramics, garments and print were demonstrating and explaining to the public each phase of the making process. It was possible to see the action from close distance and ask questions to the experts.

Hermes at Saatchi2It was a rare opportunity also to see all the special tools that the crafting of these objects requires. The exhibition is designed by Paola Navone, and it is touring around the world.

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