London Craft week 2020

Material Trends from London Craft week 2020

Despite of the global pandemic London Craft week is taking place showing great variety of exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops mainly in independent stores across the city.

Image: 300 Objects: An Inaugural Exhibition for Modern Day Patrons

Craft will be one of the winner industries of New Normal life of the near future. Consumer attitudes are shifting from fast mass consumption towards more thoughful and selective shopping behaviour. People want things that are unique, well made and last longer. Craft objects are perfect for that.

Focusing on modern craft and material innovation here is a selection from a main exhibition 300 Objects featuring a wide range of artist-makers, well-known juxtaposed with those yet to be discovered. The objects are chosen by a panel of guest curators.

With more individualistic and expressive use of unique materials craft is moving from everyday object making towards luxury and art. Styles vary from timeless beauty of form to wonderment of what materials can do. There is something for every taste.



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