Co-working in Freelance Society

Second Home

The future of office is here. The need for co-working spaces is on the rise in big cities like London. At the moment there is not enough of them. Second Home is a great example of such a place designed especially for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Second Home

What makes Second Home work so well is the fact that it is uncompromising, designed as a perfect fit to suit a Work + Life freelancer culture. The design by  José Selgas and Lucía Cano creates a very homely and fun atmosphere. You really don’t want to leave.

The space is divided into pod like ‘nests’ in a various sizes. The transparency (acrylic) of these spaces enforces visual contact and communal feel, yet giving semi-privacy and noise control. There are many choices where to work, cafe/ bar/ cantina, meeting areas, communal and individual offices – even a plant hospital.

No surprise that all spaces are taken since Second Room opened last November. Luckily they already plan to open more floors.

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