Public Toilet Cafe Reuses Neglected Urban Space

Toilet CafeCreative reuse of overlooked and neglected urban environments is a growing trend in many European cities. Not everything has to be new; the custom of fixing and improving is the consequence of recession and frugal economy. The Attendant cafe in London is a great example of using an old, Victorian public toilet as a cafe.

The idea that an old public toilet could be used as a place where food is served sounds impossible. However, when you enter the stairs leading underground to the space the first thing to notice is the overwhelmingly inviting smell of freshly baked pastries and coffee. Immediately, you forget the original use of the space.

The tiny cafe feels intensely intimate – no windows or daylight makes it a cave like space. It has been lovingly restored. The building is from around 1890. The original features like porcelain urinals look beautiful in the new context. But, perhaps you have to see it to believe it.

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