Surface Design Show 2019

Material & Colour Trends from Surface Design Show

This year’s Surface Design Show in London was busy, but not presenting anything new compared to previous years. Most noticeable was the increase of imitation materials offering cheaper option and more variety in terms of range and colours. However, it was often unclear how sustainable they were.

(Image hand woven fabric embellished with naturally grown cristal).

Most trends from last year continue to mature this year. Warm colour palettes with warm metallics like Rose Gold, Old silver and a new shade of Orange Gold.

Growing trend away from minimalism towards more expressive surfaces with patterns, colour ranges and sophisticated 3D was well presented across different materials.

New materials all made form waste. Sustainability was by far the biggest trend in the new materials stand.

Sustainable explorative techniques for new materials made using new organic ingredients is a growing trend.

New intelligent materials is an emerging trend adding new layer or functionality into surfaces.


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