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Modern Shrine by Grace Wales Bonner

Grace Wales Bonner is a hot name in London fashion scene. She is an up-and-coming fashion designer whose work is about exploring identity. The exhibition at Serpentine gallery called A Time for New Dreams however is not about fashion, but a collaboration with several artists, mainly in form of art installations.

Grace Wales Bonner Serpentine

The most interesting pieces at the exhibition are shrines that look almost like archeological constructions of identity. They are collages including photos, objects and nature elements.

The shrines are captivating. They are expressing spirituality, strong mood and West African heritage influence.


Grace Wales Bonner SerpentinePoem by Ben Okri. Along with the art installations there is also a site specific seremonial music performance.

Grace Wales Bonner SerpentineIt is a very ambitious co-creative effort and a wellcome departure from fashion design which is often viewed as superficial and narrow way of artist expression.

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