Oodi Library Helsinki

New Library is a Living Room for Helsinki Citizens

Oodi is a new and very modern central library in Helsinki. The building was designed by ALA Architects, who won the open international architecture competition. Apart from the top floor, Oodi’s facade is made entirely from wood, which gives it immediately a very Scandinavian character.

It is noticatable inside the building how the it offers much more space and services to other than just reading and borrowing books. As a result it has quickly become a living room for citizens providing a public space just to hang around, work and socialise.

The urban workshop offers 3D printing and scanning, hobby crafts and sewing, building things or making modifications and repairs to existing ones. 

There is a cinema, cafes and meeting areas.

Inclusivity and accessibility have been included in the design. Interior design style is typical Finnish minimalism, with few interesting details like a snow like print pattern on windows.

Looking forward to visit Oodi during summer to experience the top floor balcony with spectacular views over Helsinki.

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