Coal Drop Yarn London

Boutique Mall Design London

Coal Drops Yarn is a brand new shopping distric in central London location. The stores and restaurants are not familiar mainstream global brands, instead they are independent chains and unique brands that have been specifically selected for the site.

Coal Drops Yarn LondonThe architecture for the location is quite dramatic, designed by Heatherwick Studio. It has already divided opinion about combining new and old structures. This historical area next to King’s Cross station has a very strong industrial feel which have been restored beautifully.

Industrial details and old structures have been used together.

The attemp is to create a destination that is more than for just shopping. In addition the destination is trying to offer a wider experience by combining culture, events, food etc.

Coal Drops Yarn London
Christopher Raeburn brand with sustainable and intelligent fashion design

It is the direction that is driving store design at the moment, however time will tell if this type of more specific and not generic approach is working or not.



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