Ben van Berkel at RCA Talking Interiors

RCA Talking InteriorsThe talk at RCA was about both the work of UNStudio and also it’s evolution from a Network practise to a Knowledge practise. Today the company works in a Co-creative mode through different knowledge platforms, so much of the collaboration happens globally online. Continue reading

Richard Rogers Interview

Richard Rogers London Design week 2013 It is a big year for Richard Rogers as he has turned 80 this year. A major exhibition at Royal Academy ‘Inside Out’ celebrates his life work. I attended his interview during London Design week to hear about his values of humane ethics, sustainability and democratic design approach. Rogers has been celebrating the periods of change during his long career. He emphasised the importance of adaptability of change that the buildings must have. Continue reading

Barcelona Pavilion with Junk

Andrés Jaque. Phantom. Mies as Rendered Society Intervention at Mies van der Rohe PavilionIt was initially a shock to find out the most beautiful and elegant Barcelona Pavilion filled with junk. However, it made sense after all as the installation called PHAMTOM by Spanish architect Andrés Jaque is extremely timely one. It follows the trend to re-discover the roots of the place and the building with an archeological approach.
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Architecture of Nothing

Liz Diller TalkThe AF’s headline event and trans-disciplinary meeting of minds this year presents architect Liz Diller (Diller Scofidio + Renfro) in conversation with artist Christian Marclay. A headline annual event provides a unique opportunity for the public to engage in a lively conversation across borders, offering a wide-ranging discussion of architecture and its relationship to the wider world”.

Aside from keeping the rain out and producing some usable space, architecture is nothing but a special-effects machine that delights and disturbs the senses.
– Liz Diller

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