Barcelona Pavilion with Junk

Andrés Jaque. Phantom. Mies as Rendered Society Intervention at Mies van der Rohe PavilionIt was initially a shock to find out the most beautiful and elegant Barcelona Pavilion filled with junk. However, it made sense after all as the installation called PHAMTOM by Spanish architect Andrés Jaque is extremely timely one. It follows the trend to re-discover the roots of the place and the building with an archeological approach.

The PHAMTOM installation is a part of the program called Interventions by plastic artists devised for the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion. It is all about making the “backroom” in this case the basement visible and emphasising its importance.  The items found in the basement reveal traces of the building’s history.” Most visitors to the pavilion are unaware of its existence, so Jaque imagined the things inside it to be like ghosts”.

Read more about the archeological approach in design

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