Social Commentary Art by Greyson Perry

Greyson Perry 2017 Serpentine

A solo exhibition by British artist Greyson Perry has opened in Serpentine Gallery, London. It’s called The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! Perry is best known for his social commentary and award winning ceramic work, but this exhibitions covers art using variety of materials: wood, stone, cast iron, bronze, printmaking and tapestry.

Grayson Perry’s sharp social observations about what is going on in society and politics are always spot on. His social commentary reflects his (Islington) intellectual middle class background, but the working class upbringing adds layers and authenticity into the work. Humour is always an important element and it is very sarcastic.

Personally, I enjoy most his large tapestries. They give a larger scale to present the narrative content and illustrations compared to the popular ceramic pots.

It is good to see him always exploring, expanding and moving on by trying new materials. This time sculptors made from different sizes of stones were new to me.

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