Social Commentary Art by Greyson Perry

Greyson Perry 2017 Serpentine

A solo exhibition by British artist Greyson Perry has opened in Serpentine Gallery, London. It’s called The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! Perry is best known for his social commentary and award winning ceramic work, but this exhibitions covers art using variety of materials: wood, stone, cast iron, bronze, printmaking and tapestry.

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Hello My Name Is Paul Smith

Paul Smith

“Lot of people look but not see.” Paul Smith

I’ve been told that Paul Smith is a very nice man. It is easy to believe walking through the exhibition Hello My Name is Paul Smith at the Design Museum. His spirit of warmth, humour and wit comes strongly across from the exhibition.   Continue reading

Richard Rogers Interview

Richard Rogers London Design week 2013 It is a big year for Richard Rogers as he has turned 80 this year. A major exhibition at Royal Academy ‘Inside Out’ celebrates his life work. I attended his interview during London Design week to hear about his values of humane ethics, sustainability and democratic design approach. Rogers has been celebrating the periods of change during his long career. He emphasised the importance of adaptability of change that the buildings must have. Continue reading