David Bowie Art Collector

David Bowie Collector

The most important pieces from David Bowie’s personal art and design collection will go under the hammer at Sotheby’s in London, including Jean-Michel Basquiat’s magnificent Air Power.

The collection covers over 350 pieces. The great thing is that the collection covers not only art, sculptors and paintings, but also a lot of design objects and furniture.

Art pieces are mostly from the important British artists of the 20th Century, including Frank Auerbach, Damien Hirst, Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland. In addition art includes some big names e.g. Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Many different techniques are used from drawings and paintings to collaging and photography. The themes are dark and especially the sculptors represent distortions of identity.

On contrary, the furniture and ceramics which are mainly from Surrealist Memphis group (Ettore Sottsass), are very bold and colourful to counterbalance the dark themes of the paintings.

The collection is delightful and extensive, curated by someone with unconventional taste to appreciate originality..

David Bowie Collector


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