‘Champagne Life’ All Female Artist Show

Champagne Life Saatchi 2016

The London Saatchi gallery shows it’s first all-female art exhibition showcasing the work of 14 artists. The aim is to shed light into the gender disparity in the art world.

Gender as the only common nominator for the art works makes the outcome of the show is very uneven. Some works really stand out, but in overall the content seems random – like visiting an art fair which has not been curated.

A better approach would have been to find a common nominator to narrow down specific artists, whose work is somehow related and complementary.

According to the statistics women account for the majority of American art students (60 per cent in 2006), but enjoy just 30 per cent of representation in US commercial galleries (Art News 2015).

However, the direction is changing slowly as last year, Tate’s temporary exhibition spaces were entirely given over to female solo shows as Marlene Dumas, Sonia Delaunay, Agnes Martin and Barbara Hepworth went on display. Moreover, Frances Morris was appointed director of Tate Modern, one of the most powerful jobs in contemporary art.

In addition Feminism is considered cool again. Photographers Gallery is showing Feminist Avant–Garde of the 1970s exhibition in London.


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