Hunter Boot’s First Flagship Store

HunterHunter Boots was established in 1856, making it a true British heritage brand with over 150 years long history. Yet, they have only now opened new global flagship store, the first for the brand. Checkland Kindleysides have designed very successfully a store that feels fresh, which makes the brand on-trend and younger looking.

The store design was inspired by British countryside. It is a fine combination of utilitarian outdoor lifestyle in an urban context.

There are some interesting references e.g.  barn structure (featuring Hunter barn doors in the brand’s iconic red), boot room and the English garden. Dry stone wall creates a backdrop for a wellie display. Use of materials cover digital print, concrete, wood and aluminium. Digital interfaces and sound tech add urban context.

Original Wellington boots were first introduced in 1956 and used by farmers. The new collection transforms the once farmers boots to designer, festival-favourite wellies. The new collection with outerwear is by global design director Niall Sloan (from Burberry) and in-house design team.

All in all this looks like an outstanding facelift for a traditional, heritage brand.


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