Hello My Name Is Paul Smith

Paul Smith
“Lot of people look but not see.” Paul Smith

I’ve been told that Paul Smith is a very nice man. It is easy to believe walking through the exhibition Hello My Name is Paul Smith at the Design Museum. His spirit of warmth, humour and wit comes strongly across from the exhibition.  

Paul SmithThe exhibition is an excellent introduction to the world of Paul Smith. It is not your average show simply presenting most famous pieces of work. Instead it is an immersive experience build around real objects and environments. Imaginative exhibition design by Aboud Creative and Richard Greenwood Partnership.

Smith’s love for collecting and photography  is the main focus of the exhibition, which is a nice change to other fashion exhibitions. A lot of attention has been made to describe the research process. Smith mentions how he gets inspiration from anywhere. Graphics and colour philosophy are also described and presented.

Smith advises designers not to pay too much attention to look other people’s work. Instead designers should find inspiration around themselves and pay attention to simplicity, shapes and proportions, and doings things differently.

Paul SmithPaul Smith has been around for a while so it is easy to forget how instrumental he has been for the design world. An impressive variety of products from household items, furniture to sports and cars was on stage showing his ability for successful collaboration.

Seems like Paul Smith must be a fun person to be around. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is a proof that there are nice people even in the world of fashion.

Hello My Name is Paul Smith is a very uplifting and inspiring exhibition.

Paul Smith

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