Material & Colour Trends for Accessories AW 18/19

Lineapelle AW 18/19

The annual Lineapelle trade show for accessories presented trend directions for AW 18/19. The main theme for the season is called Labyrinth. It reflects the complexity of the future of ‘multiple facets’ and ‘unforeseeable intersections’.

All in all the trends and moods are a combination of classics with surprising detailing. Most colour palettes are tonal and muted, but with strong accent colours like the purple, orange red, strong yellow and acid (digital) tones. Textiles are soft and smooth in large volumes. Yet there is a lot of shine and glimmer on the finishes.

Contrasting directions are fast and slow. Fast is a vibrant direction with strong colours described as “digital soul”.

Slow is a gender neutral almost colourless direction. It is about taking the time out to enjoy life. It has a calm, almost non commercial mood.

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