Immersive Pink Floyd Exhibition Experience

Pink Floyd V&A

New Pink Floyd exhibition at V&A museum in London is a great example of multisensorial experience design. It has been put together with great attention to every detail, creating a fantastic viewing experience. 

Most importantly the exhibition is centered around the viewer, creating variety of touchpoints to choose from.

The first delight on the exhibition journey was the sound experience. All visitors get a headset, which you don’t need to adjust since everything is automatic. How nice! Instantly you feel immersed into the world of Pink Floyd as the music starts playing.

As you go around the headset picks up the sound when it gets into close distance of a touchpoint. You end up listening to interviews or hearing music depending where you walk. I found it a relief, as it frees you to pick & choose to read explanations of exhibition items, which itself is a massive task as there is a lot to see!

There is a huge amount of screens in all rooms. Short interviews have been made to tell a background story of an album or a specific area like stage or graphic design. These interviews work very well. (I might have looked at all of them).

The displays are built in layers combining different aspects from artefacts, instruments, notes, photos, memorabilia, films etc. The viewer can concentrate whatever they are interested in and wander around accordingly.

The amount of detailing of the content is impressive. The exhibition covers music from all albums, but in addition several themes are lifted e.g. Architects of Rock. Pink Floyd were pioneers in many areas of music including the massive stage shows that travelled around the world.

This is a highly recommended exhibition also from the exhibition and design experience point of view. It is easy to see the future direction of immersive entertainment, where you lose the sense of time and will be removed from everyday.

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