Situ Live 2021

Is Phygital the Future of Retail Experiences?

New retail concepts are emerging during the pandemic. Phygital design is an integration between the physical world and the digital world.

Situ Live is a new concept store, and a good example of how Phygital works in reality. The store is a showroom only for products from different brands. So, you can’t actually buy anything from there. Products are presented in rooms of lifestyle use situations to try before buying and seeing them in action.

Situ Live 2021It is a new way of shopping. By scanning a QR code you get all info about the products you like, save them to favorites, and buy them when it is the right time for you.

By joining a membership you get offers and recommendations.


Lifestyle curation

The idea is to combine brands and products together in order to create inspirational spaces based on specific lifestyle and user situations. The store is a home like environment where new innovative products are placed in situations to give inspiration and new ideas for shoppers.

Online only viewing is often not enough to make a buying decision. The showroom gives opportunity for a tactile real life exploring experience. As a conclusion the customer journey is planned to combine the best aspects of both the physical (exploring) and digital (convenience) experiences.


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