Online Furniture Store ‘Hem’ Goes Popup

Hem popup

Hem is an online furniture store, that originally started as a Scandinavian design brand, but has expanded so much that it identifies with more broadly just European design. The design team has now 16 nationalities, however the style of the furniture is still very typical Scandi design.

The big idea of the brand is, that many pieces are customisable and manufactured in Europe. Prices stay reasonable, since as an online company they don’t need to use the middlemen.

The collection is strictly curated, but growing steadily. The furniture looks to be fairly good quality and well made. Compared to competitors like, the designs look slightly more modern and original, yet timeless. They could all be taken out from the Kinfolk magazine, which is all about simplifying lives. Most pieces are small and practical fitting well into small apartments in a city.

The popup store really doesn’t look like a temporary place. If you didn’t know it’s popup, you would assume it’s a permanent store. Furniture is a field which still needs a brick-and-mortal existence, since most people would want to try a couch before buying one. Furthermore, there is a growing trend of online companies like Amazon starting up permanent stores.


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