Pantechnicon London

Japandi Design Trend Combines Scandi & Japanese Styles

Japandi is an emerging design trend that is expected to take off this year, since it contains many elements that people desire for their interiors at the moment. Pantechnicon is the first major retail store in London dedicated for Japandi. I had a change to visit the inspiring store last month.


Japandi is a fusion of Japanise minimalism combined with Scandinavian cosy comfort. Both share the core values of quality craftmanship, timelessnes and long lasting sustainable use. Compared to pure Japanese minimalism there is more variety in Scandinavian & Nordic styles. They can be more expressive and colourful bringing a modern character into minimalism.

The overall look of the new Pantechnicon store is mostly Japanese. The interiors are dominated by use of natural wood. Exposed red brick walls bring some warmth to otherwise bare warehouse look.

The Grade II listed building has been carefully restored to a hybrid retail destination including a store, cafe, two restaurants, bar and rooftop terrace. It was built in 1830 as an arts and crafts centre and an upmarket warehouse.

Many plants inside the building emphasise the importance of close contact with nature in both Japanese and Scandinavian cultures.

Japandi design trend can create calm and harmony into any space, so it is expected to stay relevant for a long time. Looking forward to see how the Pantechnicon London destination will evolve in years to come.

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