American Furniture Retail to London

West ElmWest Elm is an American furniture retail chain, which just opened their first store in central London. They are large and mainstream, but also on-trend and affordable chain. The store is strategically situated in a key location, where the main furniture stores are in London. This heats up the competition with local chains Heal’s and Habitat. It is the best scenario from consumer’s point of view.

West ElmThe store is large enough to cover all main product categories from furniture to homeware, craft and accessories. The ranges are easy to the eye, not too edgy or stylish but instead very comfortable and homey. They cover all main trends of the moment that comes to mind starting from fluffy textiles and fur accessories to untreated wood.

West ElmWest Elm promotes many collaborations, especially the one with Etsy. It is all to do with their love of handmade products. Sustainability is naturally one of their values.

They also offer Design Lab services that help finding local resources in e.g. renovation and interior design.

West ElmUntreated and/or reclaimed wood is dominant in all collections. The styles are modern American, with clean lines. Comfort is key.


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