Transcendent Form

Kevin Francis Gray
Ballerina & Boy by Kevin Francis Gray. It was hand-carved over a 10-month period by artisans in Italy

New work from Kevin Francis Gray is been exhibited at the Pace Gallery in London. It has taken him two years to create the sculptures. According to the artist his background in Northern Ireland has something to do with the dark theme and haunted nature of his work. The exhibition is about the complex relationship between abstraction and figuration.

Kevin Francis Gray

The works are made of both marble and bronze. The aim of the artist is to create tension between real and unreal. Although the starting point is Classical Romance and a human figure the outcome is unconventional.

The trend towards disfigurement of the figure in art has been shown in many exhibition at the moment. Transient nature in both design and art works is reflecting the turbulent times of the moment. Blurring lines and in-between forms are becoming more common to see.

Gray is also known for his appreciation for craftsmanship and quality, process of hand making and meticulous attention to detail.


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