Still Life Meat Portraits

Alex Van GelderNew photography exhibition at Hauser & Wirth gallery presents Alex Van Gelder’s  work called Meat Portraits. Carnal art using raw meat as a medium has been trending recently. Starting point and the most famous example must be Lagy Gaga’s Meat dress in 2010 MTV Awards. 

Alex Van Gelder

If you accept the fact that it is possible to find beauty in almost anything, these photo’s can be seen as beautiful compositions of textures and colours. The Still Life style against dark background helps to remove the subjects from the grim reality.

The artist Van Gelder is concerned with the transitory state between life and death. The objects are animal remains from slaughterhouse in Benin, Africa.

The dark subject matter and pure rawness of the objects continue a darker, sinister mood that is forecasted to surface in design and fashion collections 2014+.

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