Science Gallery 2019

Art & Science about Organ Transplantation

Exhibition at Science Gallery in London called Spare Parts presents organic engineering exploring art, science, ethics and technology of human repair and alteration.

The exhibition is developed alongside scientists from King’s College London.

It invites visitors to question whether ‘spare parts’ can exist outside the biological body, or whether our bodies can be a sum of independent parts that are regenerated, enhanced, donated or altered.

Artists are proposing cross-species experiments and engaging with the potential artificial intelligent to extend life.

Science Gallery 2019

The anatomy lesson: Dissecting Medical Futures by Agi Haines shows imagined pathology specimens that reveal how upcoming bio-technologies may impact the body.

Science Gallery 2019Hivecubator 2.0 by Michael Bianco is a bee powered DIY incubator harnessing the energy of the beehive to care for living human cells.

Science Gallery 2019

Big Heart Data by designer Salome Basin with researcher Pablo Lamata demonstrates the potential of software systems and design to visualise future changes in heart.

Science Gallery 2019Disturbance (corner) by Tabatha Andrews demonstrates the physical dimensions of sound. The artist has used recycled wool felt, and folded it to increase absorption of surrounding sounds.

As our sensory abilities are heightened or diminished, we become increasingly aware of ways in which our bodies help us navigate environment.


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