Minna Takala Opportunities cohorts 2023+

Trends and Opportunities 2023+

Discover more innovation opportunities and challenges in the near future 2023+ based on trends. How to use four cohorts to find opportunities for design and concept development? How to use more collective decision making to create impact?

Images: created in Midjourney

In the previous post I described key Trends and Drivers for 2023+ linked to the Interdependence theme. Next, I have identified key opportunities and challenges in four Trends & Drivers cohorts to develop ideas further.

COHORTS/ Opportunity mapping

to anticipate future possibilities

OPPORTUNITY MAPPING deepens understanding of opportunity impact and dynamics. There are several ways to practice mapping techniques. Mapping explores language and trends in relation to power systems. It also reveals social order.

A simple way to use mapping is to start from the desired outcome and work backwards how to get there.

For example:

Interdependence as a desired outcome will create more collective and hybrid outcomes.

Image below is a summary of four cohorts with Drivers of Change and two opportunity areas for each cohort.

Minna Takala Opportunities 2023+

For example:


focus is on issues that are considered important and pressing by a large segment of the population and are often pursued through legal and institutional channels. As a result businesses will have an increasingly civic role to play.


Universality, plural society. Reclaiming cultural roots

Collectiveness, slow life, wellbeing economy, quiet quitting

Mainstream Activism 2023


Civic brands => Consumers expect brands to make lasting commitments to their local area, becoming effective agents of local civic transformation and, in some cases, even replacing public services.

Micro influencing => Micro influencers have smaller but more dedicated audience. Micro communities have a more global perspective of diverse tastes and interests via social media networks.



Instead of using individual Persona profiles 2023+ Theme Interdependence puts more emphasis on the collective rather than individual behaviour impact. Therefore, I have identified four different types of group behaviours linked to the cohorts:

  • Executive board
  • Dream team
  • Transient community
  • Squad

For example:

In the MAINSTREAM ACTIVISM cohort Transient communities, which support other disciplines can play an important role creating collective impact. Dedicated Micro-influencers use social media to support for issues like chronic loneliness of older adults.

Transient Community


I used the hugely popular ChatGPT (developed by OpenAI) how can civic brands and micro-influencers be part of mainstream activism?

ChatGPT gave this description:

Micro-influencers, in particular, often have a strong connection with their followers and can be effective at mobilizing people to take action. They can also use their influence to promote the work of larger organizations and movements, helping to amplify their messages and bring attention to their causes.

It’s important for civic brands and micro-influencers to be authentic and genuine in their activism, and to thoroughly research and understand the issues they are advocating for. It’s also important to be respectful and considerate of different perspectives and to avoid using their platforms to spread misinformation or to promote hate or intolerance.

Next phase

Cohorts can be used as basis for future world building towards scenarios that guide design and concept development.

Alternatively, initial ideas and narrative evidence from cohorts can be used as conceptual starting points to kick off design process.

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