Lineapelle 2023

Colour & Material Trends 2024+

Lineapelle is a leading trade event for new innovative materials, colours and trends originally based in Milan. It ipresents inspiration and design directions for mainly leather, accessories and footwear products.

In recent years leather and textiles industry has been on pressure to adapt and become more sustainable using circular business economy model. At the fair company sustainability certifications (ICEC) were visible and issues like animal welfare, water consumption, circularity and more sustainable tanning process were addressed in a key note.


The overall design theme for 2024+ is Transformation, (even mutation) exploring new expressions and boundaries of Artificial Intelligence art. What is real and what is imagination?

Key trend words included:

  1. Reset & rebuild
  2. New worlds
  3. Inter-worlds
  4. Fluid human
  5. Ornamental chaos
  6. Artivism (art + activism)

Designing new products and accessories in 2024 materials expressions will be about:

  • To feel
  • Tactile
  • Interlacing times
  • Inner luminosity
  • Uneven
  • Digi-night
  • Co-existence

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