Ebury Edge_Open house 2021

Semi Permanent Architecture

What is a meanwhile use project? It takes place providing temporary buildings for an area, whilst a part of the city is going through a major trasition. During Open House London architecture festival I visited Ebury Edge temporary work and community space.

Westminster City Council is undertaking an ambitious housing and regeneration programme. During the development temporary buildings of Ebury Edge will be in the area around 4 years. The structure can be dismanled and re-assembled elsewhere after that.

Designed by Jan Kattein Architects with Arup the goal has been to create a new exemplar of sensitive regeneration. The buildings provide a community space, cafe and affordable work and retail spaces.

The space offers:

  • adaptability
  • colourful and inviting presence
  • community garden
  • light weight timber structure to minimise energy
  • re-assemblable structure
  • community space for childcare and wellbeign activities
  • outdoor meeting space area
  • cafe provides catering training for homeless people

Jan Kattein Architects deliver regeneration that makes civic contribution, supporting economic, cultural, educational and social prosperity.

The studio embraces architectural practice as a form on agency where design becomes a tool for dialogue and exchange.

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