Rise of Co-working Places

wework Old St
The latest edition to popular Wework chain is at Old street, east London

As the Co-working offices marketplace grows, it is interesting to see which places really take of and why. New concepts are emerging, and there are several routes to become popular.

Location and community are obviously at the top of list of priorities for choosing a co-working space. It seems that even the bigger offices can be attractive, when there is enough buzz to create an inviting atmosphere.

What creates the buzz then? When you enter, it is not clear what the place is. A great co-working office is like a hotel + bar + cafe + office + library + hub + gallery all at once. What is common is the feeling of ease and relaxation; intimacy and freedom. You want to stay.

Not like your average office then?

I believe the most successful co-working places can offer extra benefits through social contacts = more business. So it is not just about sharing, but about access. A hub type of co-working space can act as a platform for collaboration projects. Therefore, it is important that the space has a clear profile to attract types of businesses and companies that could potentially work together.



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