New Contemporaries

Bloomberg New Contemporaries
Steven Morgana ‘It Was All Ephemeral As A Rainbow’

Bloomberg New Contemporaries is an art exhibition by the leading UK organisation supporting emergent art practice from British Art Schools. Since 1949 New Contemporaries has consistently provided a critical platform for fine art graduates primarily by nationally touring exhibition. It offers a great platform to view what is up-and-coming in the art world.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries“Independent of place and democratic to the core, New Contemporaries is open to all”. The participants are selected by a panel from a range of over 1,500 submissions.

What was noticeable immediately when you enter the exhibition is the variety of materials used in art work today. Literally anything can be art. Found objects art has been a popular direction in recent years globally, and it seems to grow further.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries
‘Into the Fold’ by Catherine Hughes

The narrative and coherent of storytelling is a key of successful piece especially, if it is put together in an installation. The exhibition offered many examples, some more successful than others.

As this exhibition is a platform for the emerging artists, one would expect to see more examples of radical and new ideas. But, the problem with contemporary art is that it has become so global that ideas seem to travel around quickly resulting to a feeling of having seeing something similar already done before.

Another obvious trend is the growth of digital art, which took a center stage of this exhibition.

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